Shenyang Chengxin Energy-saving Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in valves’ research and development, production and sales, which is located in Shenyang economic technological development zone. The company produces more than 30 kinds of valves of different types and specifications. Main products include: high energy saving draining valves of all specifications, leak-off bellows stop-valve type A and B, the compound tree-eccentric metal hard-sealing butterfly valve, double-eccentric soft-sealing butterfly valve, valve for transformer, marine valve and so on. Among them, high energy saving draining valves of all specifications and leak-off bellows stop-valve type A and B obtained energy saving certificates issued by Economic and Trade Committee of Liaoning Province in September 5, 2003. The new type bellows stop-valve was awarded patent right in September 14, 2005 by state Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China, Patent No. ZL 2004 2 0069814.2

  Since the company has been established, enterprise managing tenet has been "Take Live on Quality, Take Development on Reputation", which has been carried out thoroughly. The company adopts current international top technology of valve manufacturing, to perfect quality assurance system, with modern scientific management and substantial experience in production, and gives birth of the brand "Chengxin", and supplies high energy saving equipments of international level to both domestic market and oversea market. With the outstanding enterprise culture and advanced products, the enterprise is awarded many honors: Golden Award of exposition for Northeast Asian medium and small size enterprises held in China in August 2005, in, listed in China top 100 growing medium and small size enterprises in December 2006.


  ISO9001 international quality system certificate is passed, products are designed and manufactured according to relative technical standards: GB、CB、DL、FZ、HG、HJ、JB、QB、SH、TB、YB、ANSI、JIS、DIN、BS、NF, the process from picking high-quality raw materials, blanks, castings and forgings to technique manufacturing, is according to the standards: GB, ANSI, JIS, DIN, BS, and NF, and products will leave the plant before passed the acceptance according to the test standard under different pressures. The after-service has made the quality control of the enterprise more perfectly.


  This company’s products (in the petroleum, the chemical industry, the papermaking, the beer, the cigarette, the rubber, the spinning and weaving, the printing, food, the electric power, the ships and so on each profession) has received the good economic efficiency and the social efficiency. Kelamayi Refinery Plant  of Xinjiang Petroleum Administrative Bureau, Daqing Chemical Industry General Plant, Mudanjiang Hengfeng Paper Co., Ltd., Liaoning Resources Snow Breweries  Co., Ltd,, Hongta Group Shenyang Cigarette Factory, Hebei Hualong Food Group, Fengfan Co., Ltd., Baoding Cigarette Factory, Shijiazhuang North Printing, Tianjin Wuqing Printing, Swan Chemical Fiber, Lucky Film, Jiatong Tire Group Co., Ltd., Lingyuan Iron and Steel Company, Shenyang Power Plant, Hebei Yuanshi Fertilizer Plant, Northeast Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., North China Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Xinhua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Shandong Dongda Chemical, Liaohe Oil Field, Yanjing (without name) Beer, Yucheng Gold Crown Protein, Ningbo Xiangshan Great Eagle Group Limited Company, Liaoning Tengda Printing, Guangzhou Midea Group and so on, greatly reduced the energy consumption, has stabilized the production craft, improved the product quality. Our company product has exported to many countries, has made the prominent contribution for the global energy conservation enterprise.


  Shenyang Chengxin Energy -saving Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will base on the managing idea of quality the first, users the first, innovation and down-to-earth as before. Our Company will return the deep love and concern of new and old users both at home and abroad with newest products, best quality and better service! Create the first level brand in the world!


Shenyang Chengxin Energy-saving Equipment Co., Ltd.
Business Address: Huayang International Building 1575, No. 386 Qingnian Street, Heping District, Shenyang
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