Since established in 2000, Shenyang Chenxin Energy-saving Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has always based on the tenet to serve the global energy-saving and environment-protection enterprise, applied fully the brand new managing mechanism and advanced managing mode, performed insistently the strategy of “Sustainable Development” and opened brand new managing situations one by one. Relying on the global most advanced technology, the Company has lead the field of energy-saving and environment-protection and created global most advanced products. The energy-saving products of our Company have contributed excellently to the whole world especially to China about the enterprise of energy-saving and environment-protection.

 After China entered WTO, Chinese industry has faced important opportunity and challenge. After preparation of many years, in 2003, the Board of Directors decided to rename the company as “Shenyang Chenxin Energy-saving Valve Co., Ltd.” to “Shenyang Chenxin Energy-saving Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.”. The Company has enriched and strengthened the trading and marketing. At the same time, the Company has researched and developed more high-tech and new products of energy-saving with own property right and established own brand “Chengxin”. Creating the first level products in the world to increase the competitive power of Chinese energy-saving products, the Company will make more contributions for quickening the process of Chinese energy-saving products go toward the international market.

  The Company takes "Take Live on Quality, Take Development on Reputation" as the enterprise managing tenet and insists always to perform it deeply and develops high-tech energy-saving products continuously. Basing on the work spirit of study, innovation, good faith and cooperation, relying on own strength, the Company will pioneer and win its way as before. At the same time, on the basis of mutual benefit and common development, we will develop various economic and technical cooperation with colleagues of various industries both at home and abroad, develop continuously Chinese energy-saving equipment and continue to compose new canto for global enterprise of energy-saving. Both of the opportunity and challenge exist, both of the glory and dream coexist! With excellent enterprise culture, Shenyang Chenxin Energy-saving Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will develop into the leading enterprise in the industry through performing complex and internationalized developing strategy.


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